GLASSTADT RATTENBERG Kultur Gastronomie Wirtschaft Advent

GLASSTADT RATTENBERG Kultur Gastronomie Wirtschaft Advent

Stadtgemeinde: Pfarrgasse 92 6240 Rattenberg

 Rattenberger Advent 2019 gleaming within the historical ambient

Far away from the pre-Christmas hustle and bustle, within the scenery of the imposing medieval City, now known to be one of the most traditional cultural events before christmas, Rattenberg remains during the time of Advent with it’s peaceful originality of silence and reflection gives a true experience of Christmas.

Advent within candle-light
The power of fire is the essential of old rites and ancient customs. Especially during Advent fire plays a prominent role. Therefore the medieval City Rattenberg is on each of the four Saturdays before Christmas solely illuminated with candle light, torches and open fires. This natural and archaic light conveys a sense of warmth, comfort and safety and captures everybody’s imagination at the same time.

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