GLASSTADT RATTENBERG Kultur Gastronomie Wirtschaft Advent

GLASSTADT RATTENBERG Kultur Gastronomie Wirtschaft Advent

Stadtgemeinde: Pfarrgasse 92 6240 Rattenberg

Sightseeing and Culture in Rattenberg

While strolling along the streets and small alleys you will discover plenty of attractive details on the facades of the careful restored medival and bourgeois buildings with it’s glass ennobling manufactures, Rattenberg is well known as the City of Glass. Landmarks, attractions and historic sites like the „Augustinermuseum“, the nailsmith-houses with their craftsmanship museum, the parish church or the glass blowing in the house of the Kisslingers is definitely worth a visit.

From the castle ruins at Schlossberg you will enjoy the wonderful view into the valley of the „Inntal“. And here in July, in the center of the ruins, is where the romantic open-air theater „Schlossbergspiele“ takes place.

The Highlights of Rattenberg

The churches of Rattenberg



Pfarrkirche Rattenberg zum Hl. Virgil
High above the southern side of the alley „Pfarrgasse“ is Rattenbergs parish church located. This in it’s essence gothic building, built between 1473 and 1506, is one of the most important works of the „Hagauer Bauhütte“. The inside of the church became it’s todays appearance during the 18th century. Artistic highlights are the so called „Annenaltar“ in the southern choir, with it’s sculptures that were mainly made by the well known picturesque carver Meinrad Guggenbichler and the vault frescoes by S. B. Faistenberger and Matthäus Günther. The „Notburg-chapel“ in the west of the long house was built during restorations work in the 1980’s, where a wonderful bust of the Rattenberger patron saint „Notburga“ is housed.

Kisslinger Glas
Since 1820 is the name Kisslinger is known for it’s long tradition of glass finishing. In the 1930’s the engraver Ferdinand Kisslinger moved to Rattenberg where he established in 1946 the still existing firm „Kisslinger Glas“.

Every year thousands of interested guests have there the possibility to watch the process of forming and finishing glass, beginning at the fiery oven up to the final finishing. It is an unique occasion to watch glass blowers, carvers, engravers and glass painters doing their creative work and additional to that you can visit the exhibition room, built in the inner of the mountain, where you can see rare single collectibles and Art of Glass - also Venetian art.

Augustiner Museum
The „Augustiner Museum“ in Rattenberg is very unique. It is located at the former Augustinian-Servites-Monastery, that active time has been from 1384 - 1971.
The museum opened up May 1st 1993. The museums collection embraces 9 centuries of Tyrolian art treasures, master pieces of the Romantic era, Gothic art and local folk art during the centuries.

Klostergasse 95, A-6240 Rattenberg
Contact person: Dr. Petra Streng
Tel + Fax: 0043 5337 64831

Nagelschmiedhäuser (Nailsmith-houses)
The very beginning of the nailsmith-houses can be dated back to the 12th century. They have a very different look compared to the other houses of Rattenberg. They are mostly buildt of solid rocks with window frames and portals made of (Kramsacher) marble. Their todays appearance goes mostly back to the late gothic era. Also the inside of this houses have remained in it’s original and romantic shape, where you can catch the feeling of old traditional living by walking through original furnished parlors and bed-rooms, their lovely details telling stories of living in past centuries. Numerous Pictures and paintings, rare antiques and show pieces are giving a tremendous impression about Art and culture in Tyrol.

Museum in den Nagelschmiedhäusern
Südtirolerstrasse 33 / 6240 Rattenberg
Tel: 0043 664 8562193

Opening times
May - October: 9:00am - 18:00pm (every day)
Nov. - middle of  January: 9:30am - 12:00am and 13:00pm - 17:00pm
Middle of Jan. - end of March: closed
April: 9:00 - 12:00 Uhr and 13:00 - 18:00 Uhr
(Sunday and holiday closed perhaps by appointment)

Das kleine aber feine Museum - The small but fine Museum
…for visitors that want to get to know the most about and around Rattenberg in the shortest of time. Here you find facts about the stone age, copper time, bronze age and the roman era up to the golden time with the historic mining (copper and silver) and other informations and historical facts, like about the Holy Notburger or the history of shipping on the Inn.
Entrance fee for adults: EUR 4,00

Located directly at the western city-entrance, Parkplatz West (parking west), on the right side of the most famous houses of Rattenberg.
Come and visit our Genusswelt Felsengrotte!

Schlossberg Rattenberg with castle ruins - open all year
just 5 minutes walk u7p the mountain and you gain the most wonderful viewpoint! For visitors depending on wheel-chairs is a ride up there with lift in the „Malerwinkel“ possible.

Malerwinkel - Restaurant, Seminare, Veranstaltungen, Kultur
Pfarrgasse 92-93 / 6240 Rattenberg
Tel: 0043 5337 20991

City tours in Rattenberg

You can choose one of four tours.
You want to enjoy a funny afternoon in Rattenberg?
Or prefer to hear religious anecdotes?

There is something for every taste:

Rattenberg hautnah (at first hand):
discovery tour through Austrians smallest city including all cultural highlights.
During the summer season every Wednesday (free for visitors having the „Alpbach Seenland Card“)
Time: about 1 hour
Meeting point: 10.30am, Parkplatz P1 Rattenberg, Information-office.

Rattenberg up close with Augustinerkloster:
Besides the highlights of the city, parish church, the former trading house and so on, you get to see on this tour also the cloister, the treasury with magnificent gold- and silver works (like monstrances), baroque paintings and gothic sculptures at the old Augustiner monastery.
Time: 1,5 hours
per group maximum 30 participants

On the footsteps of Saint Notburga:
Sightseeing tour around the city patron of Rattenberg
Time: about 1 hour
Price for groups (max. 40 persons)
EUR 78,00 per tour (EUR 122,00 for Rattenberg hautnah with Augustinian Monastery - max 30 persons)
To book at anytime - just contact the information office in Rattenberg!

Historical costume-tours
City-guides disguised in mideval clothes playing the role of the former mayor and gold-smith and his wife, performing a, informative time-travel into the past. You can chose between „Rattenberger Stadtleben“ (city-life) or the variation „Blütezeit in Rattenberg zur Zeit der Innschifffahrt“ (bonanza period of the Inn-shipping).
Time: about 1 hour
Prices for groups of maximum 40 persons
EUR 85,00
To book anytime - contact the information office in Rattenberg!

If you could not find a suitable tour available, we would be happy to combine our tours with a visit to the Augustiner museum or will plan an individual days-excursion for you.

Notice: Every guided tour will be given by member of the association the privity of tour- guides „Interessensgemeinschaft der Fremdenführer im Tiroler Unterland ud Kitzbühel“

Alpbachtal Tourismus
Südtiroler Straße 34a, Rattenberg

Tel.: 0043 5337 21200 50