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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Get more information at the tourist office in Rattenberg:
Tel: +43(0)5337 2120050 or per email.

Rattenberg Advent shines in the historic ambience

Far from pre-Christmas bustle is the town of Rattenberg Advent season in the spirit of originality, tranquility and contemplation. The impressive medieval town on the Inn offers to the unique setting and the incomparable setting. For the past ten years the Rattenberg Advent is one of the most traditional events in Tyrol Advent Done.

Advent candlelight

The power of fire is an essential part of old rites and of traditional customs. Especially during Advent the fire plays a significant role. On the four Saturdays before Christmas, the medieval town of Rattenberg therefore shines only in the light of candles, torches and open flame. The natural light gives a pleasant feeling of warmth and security fully and pulls it were all visitors annually in a fascinating spell.

dates on Fridays: 11/25/16, 02:12:16, 09:12:16, 16.12.16- Free admission!

program on Saturday

every Saturday at 14:30  

14:30 to 16:00

"Kids" - crafts, glass beads, bubbles, bake cookies, ...

15:00 to 16:30

"Afternoon program with our young artists"

on the main stage - Landesmusikschule Kramsach,

NMS Rattenberg and surrounding schools

16:00 Organ concert in the parish church of Rattenberg

15: 00-17: 00 Children's tours in Augustinermuseum

16:30 "reenacted" and "Lights Labyrinth"

main program on the stage

From 17.00 clock

Collection of Lightbringer, music groups and choirs

sing and play in the region and to read

Advent;at 18:15

"Meditative music and lyrics for lights Labyrinth"

on grapes corner


  "For a few hours forget the hasty world and the Advent magic with cheerfulness encounter" - it would be nice if this could succeed for us.


Culture needs support: at 13:30   cultural contribution € 5,00 (up to 14 years, children are free) per Person. In presenting the Alpbachtal Card € 4.50 per person.

€ 4.50 per person for bus groups from 20   people   - on Reservation. Information and registration: rattenberg(at)alpbachtal(dot)at + 43 (0) 5337/212 00 50 subject to change!


Organizer: Rattenberger Cultural & amp; Economic Development Association, ZVR 823120084 All program details under or or on Facebook - Rattenberg Advent


SUNDAY: "Stiller Advent"

Anklöpfler through the city

15:30 to 18:00 27.11./4.12./11.12./18.12.2016



8:12. "The special Adventtag - Immaculate Conception"

15:30 to 17:00 Anklöpfler through the city

17:00 Singing together under the Christmas tree



That was the Rattenberg Advent 2014

Eingang Rattenberger Advent

Adventwein aus dem Kessel

Einmarsch zum Rattenberger Advent

Rattenberger Advent, Foto: G. Grießenböck


Feuerstelle Rattenberger Advent

Auf der Bühne

Rattenberger Advent, Foto: G. Grießenböck

Bühne Rattenberger Advent

Rattenberger Advent, Foto: G. Grießenböck

Rattenberger Advent, Foto: G. Grießenböck

Feuerstelle, Foto: G. Grießenböck

Rattenberger Advent, Foto: G. Grießenböck

Rattenberger Advent, Foto: G. Grießenböck

Kinder auf der Bühne

Beleuchteter, verkehrter Adventkranz

Eva Lind, Rattenberger Advent

Rattenberger Advent, Zentrum

Impressions ...

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